has been practicing

Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book II, Fugue in D minor

Is approximately one third of the new Mantic Trio album “Spills”

Loves All You People


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recently accompanied Carol Lipnik

Tweed’s Sundays@7 presents: Carol Lipnik Imperfect Offerings, with Lee Feldman on Piano, October 17 2021 at 7:00PM
Carol Lipnik with Lee Feldman on Piano, October 17, 2021 at Pangea, 178 2nd Ave, NYC

recently performed with MANTIC Trio

at Open Source
306 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Thursday, October 7th @ 6:30pm

Chris M., Lee F., and Rob P.

Our ‘spills’ record will be out soon

Get a lift from Lee’s latest single Elevator Time

recently played a show

with Byron Isaacs (bass) and Bill Dobrow (drums)
at Rockwood Music Hall
Saturday, October 2nd @ 7pm

This will be fun.

We haven’t performed together for a long time!