Elevator Time

2021 urban myth recordings

Lee’s third single of 2021.

Everybody thinks their own thoughts as they stand together in an elevator. This guy’s thoughts are no stranger than anybody else’s. Plus, it sounds like there’s a 1970’s cocktail party going on in his head.

Into The Air

2021 urban myth recordings

Kind of a pop mystery song.  What happened to Henry?  What happens to people when they go into the air?


2021 urban myth recordings

I was on the subway and two 10-year-old boys were looking out the windows at the lights shooting by, and one kid said to the other, “Dude, this looks 3-D!”  The song starts off with a prank call to my dentist’s office.

Album No. 4

Trying To Put The Things Together That Never been Together Before

2012 Bonafide/Urban Myth

We recorded this at The Magic Shop, in NYC.  David Bowie kicked us out when we were doing overdubs!  This is the first album that I produced myself and I wanted to include the experimental side of my musical personality.  Also, there are a lot of vocals done by friends, guest artists, singing — my brother too.  He sings I Remember the Night, about the night my parents told us they were splitting up.

Halo EP

Includes songs from Album No. 4 + the song Old Man

2012 bonafide/urban myth

This cover picture appeared on the jumbotron at Times Square!  It was only up for a couple seconds, but still… If Rodgers and Hart wrote a musical about the apocalypse, I think they would have included a song like The Party’s Over.  I’m proud of that one.

I’ve Forgotten Everything

2006 bonafide/urban myth

A few hits on this album!  Lee Feldman (a short song about identity that includes my social security number); Hippy StoreMrs. GreenGive Me My Money… and guest appearances by stellar musicians Joel Frahm, Steven Bernstein, Curtis Fowlkes, Teddy Thompson, Johnny Spampinato and others.  What’s not to like?

Starboy: The Soundtrack

2005 bonafide records

STARBOY is an animated musical about a 2-dimensional superhero who lives with his uncle, a Mathematician.  He’s trying to save the Sponges in the ocean, who are leaving him mysterious messages on his answering machine.  This was premiered—live music to animation (by Joe Campbell)—at The Whitney Museum of American Art!

The Man In A Jupiter Hat

2000 bonafide records

This was the album I made for Mercury Records, after I was signed to a major label.  We had a real budget and brought in the Blues Bros. horn section (Lenny Pickett, Tom “Bones” Malone) for Eastern Europeand Monkeys, had an all-star Irish band (Joannie Madden, Jerry O’Sullivan) play on Reluctant Cicada, We even went to Yankee Stadium to record the calliope for the song Man in a Jupiter Hat.  We had to be careful that George Steinbrenner didn’t catch us…

Living It All Wrong

1996 pure/mercury records

This was the album that started it all off, and I think it’s a classic.  I was already in my mid-30s, and producer Roger Peltzman and I envisioned this from start to finish.  It’s an audiophile recording of the highest quality.  I paid for it all myself from the money I was earning doing word processing at law firms at night.  It garnered over 35 reviews from publications all around the world!

Non-Solo Artist Recordings

Keep Me Around


Lee plays keyS, sings and writes with this four-piece band

2020 Urban Myth

Well, vinyl’s back!  I started playing with Edge in 1973, when Nixon was president.  Guitarist Bob Windbiel and I have been friends ever since.  In 2017 Edge started playing some reunion shows, and the chemistry was still there.  So Bob and I said, “Let’s make an album of all new material with these guys!”  Music biz legend Bill Bentley says, “It’s a beautiful world when old friends stay good friends, and even better when they continue growing as musicians who enjoy each other’s company.”  

Neighborhood Changed Fast

Mantic Trio

Lee plays keyboards in…

2020 mantic trio

I’ve always been into free improvisation.  It’s like traveling without having to buy airplane tickets.  In 2013, I started rehearsing regularly with Chris Moore (drums) and Rob Price (guitar).  Chris is a great songwriter and in the 80s, he was a teenage drummer with the seminal hardcore band Negative Approach.  Rob recorded with avant-garde legends Joey Baron and Ellery Eskelin.  Detroit poet Peter Markus says “Dude. This is like Flipper meets Butthole Surfers meets Eno meets Psychic TV meets bizarre jazz shit I have no idea who. This is new breakthrough shit. Melodic, ambient dissonance. Discord alien wavelength.  On its own level.” 

Sacred Time

With Noah Hoffeld, Cello

2011 noah hoffeld & lee feldman

One winter evening in 2005 while I was walking on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn minding my own business, I looked up and saw Chasidic men dancing joyfully in the 2nd story window of a building.  I went upstairs, joined the dancing and started studying Hebrew with the young rabbi, Shmuly Lein.  A few years later, the Rabbi introduced me to cellist Noah Hoffeld and before I knew it, we were recording Sacred Time: Jewish Music for Cello and Piano.  Rabbi Joseph Telushkin says it “combines staggering beauty with a sense of sanctity.”